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-- 02/22/14 -- Review by Jack & Susan Baker

Ron Campbell (719/235-2837) and crew have been taking excellent care of our property for the past several years. They provide lawn care, mitigation, snow plowing, and general outdoor maintenance services. They are reliable, very reasonably priced, conscientious and great guys besides.

-- 02/24/14 -- Review by Deb Marshall

Hiring Larkspur Maintenance 4 hours a week keeps my large, highly landscaped property looking good. They make life easy by returning calls promptly, listening to my requests and fullfilling them with the utmost attention to detail.

They work smart and use the allotted time in a fashion that gives you the most aesthetic bang for your buck. They are hard working, honest and reliable. Count on them to do everything from spring clean-ups, mowing to weeding rock beds, watering plants, cleaning the driveway, pruning scrub oak and even little things like bringing the trash cans up.

I would add that they are always on time, great advisors on lawn maintenance questions and open to numerous projects. This is one service that communicates well and that I can trust completely to do an excellent job without supervision. I would recommend this top notch service to anyone wanting a property with an impressive, well manicured look.

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